Orlando Golf Courses

Orlando Golf CoursesPlay golf in Orlando and you will never be the same...that is a concept proven time after time by fellow golfers just like yourself who visit Orlando. Orlando golf courses are some of the most renowned in the world. Why is this exactly? This is because the weather is amazing, everything is so green and tee times are affordable. Orlando features golf courses which can be played all year long. This is perfect if you are looking to escape a cold winter and play some golf. There is no reason you golf game has to deteriorate over the winter. Simply come play one of our Orlando golf courses. You won't be greeted by barren greens or bare trees. Here in Orlando, we are fortunate to have amazing greens, lush tree's and beautiful wildlife all year long.

Simply put, when you play golf in Orlando, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. One of the most consistently ranked Orlando golf courses is the Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club. Located on the southwest side of Orlando, not too far from Disney World we feature a flowing course that has been ranked in the top 10 of the top courses built in America. As quoted in the Travel & Leisure Magazine - "Opened a decade and a half ago on the site of an orange grove that was killed by frost in the mid-1980's. The soil was pure sand, of a distinctive orange color. The land", says Smyers, "had some nice elevation change to it, and I thought we could do something pretty good there because it was going to be easy to move the material around. We were able to stick the bulldozers off to the sides of the fairways and push and push and push to create mounds, hollows and ridges. As a result, Southern Dunes bears a sculpted look with sections of the course lying below the surrounding land. There is a marvelous internal flow to the wide fairways that screams for golfers to play bump and run shots. Smyers carved some 180 bunkers-including ten at the par 3 Eleventh alone-to form a molten, bubbling surface that demands thoughtful navigation."

So no matter if you live in Orlando or you are planning a vacation to Orlando, come play the Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club which is one of the top rated Orlando golf courses.