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JIM CROOM (Original & Recent course construction & greens shaper)TYLER GREEN (Superintendent) STEVE SMYERS (Course Architect)

Here at Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club we're always working to make our facility better. Our superintendent would love to hear from you with any thoughts, questions or concerns!

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Rain Dance Anyone???  Summer Projects, Fertilizer and Aerificatio

As you know if you have gone outside anywhere in the state of Florida in the past three months WE NEED RAIN!!! This time of year our winter ryegrass decides that it doesn’t like the climate change and dies off. The Bermudagrass starts to thrive due to optimum temperatures and less competition. This is what we call transition and we are going through it right now full steam ahead.  I am very pleased with how the course is playing and looking despite us being in a 10 inch plus rain deficit. My assistants have been putting in a lot of extra time monitoring and watering localized dry areas throughout the course daily and it really shows. Remember: Healthy turf requires less water.

You might have also noticed the lines in our fairways, tees and approaches the last couple of weeks. This is due to an insecticide application to help manage the Mole Crickets that love to eat the roots and shoots of the turf.

Summer Projects

We are starting to work on our summer projects this week. From here to the rest of summer each week we will tackle some type of minor renovation around the course. This week we are adding drainage to areas around #16 and #12 approaches. After the dust settled from construction last year we noticed these two areas were holding too much moisture and disrupting playability. I’m extremely confident this will fix the issue.
In weeks ahead we will be renovating some of our bunker fingers and edges. We will start on #1 and move our way through the entire course in order.


We are applying a bulk fertilizer to the entire course and should be finished this week. It is going great and we are ahead of schedule with this application. Remember: Healthy turf requires less water.

First Assistant Superintendent Jim Harris spreading 30-0-0 Polyon florida frendly fertilizer.  


Tuesday May 23 starting at 11:15 am we will began our first aerification to the greens. WE WILL BE OPEN ON THE 23rd FOR MORNING TEE TIMES and then CLOSED the 24th. We will open back on Thursday the 25th. The process will be ¼ inch holes and should heal very quickly. We will also be aerifying our tees during this time.

As always Thanks for your support and I hope to see you on the course very soon!


I don't Play often, but when I do it's never boring :) .

Tyler 1

2/17/17 We're Back!!!!

It’s been a busy three years but I’m back and ready to update you on what we are doing on the course. As many of you know we’ve had course updates throughout the last year on our site due to us renovating our Green and Tees. I now have a bit more time to devote to this blog. I’ve also decided to keep the photo from three years ago instead of a more recent due to a bit of weight gain

We are just over seven months with our new green surfaces and I’m extremely pleased with how well they’ve established and are holding up to their first winter season of play. Luckily enough, we have had great mild winter temps so far which has limited the cold stress on the new turf. They are extremely receptive for being new greens and are rolling beautifully. We re-grassed our tee in grounds with Celebration Bermudagrass and overseeded them with Perennial ryegrass for the winter. The tee surfaces are looking fantastic. Hope to see you on the course soon.

Weekly Course Review 2/17/17

Welcome to the Southern Dunes Course review portion of our web site. This blog will be updated with information in aspects of daily maintenance practices, cultural practices and projects that are either being performed or planned. I will also be posting answers to common questions that I receive about the course. Our staff is strongly committed to providing exceptional playing conditions and we are always striving to get better. As a team, we are excited about continuing to improve our facility so that our customer’s experiences are extraordinary.

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